European Youth Information Day

Hey everybody,
in Austria we are currently discussing in our network what we want to organise for EYID 2010. Main aim of course is to make YI more visible. And i have undertaken the task to collect ideas and best practice from others...
So my question is:
Do you already have plans/ideas for 17.4.2010?
Did you do something very successful in the last two years that you would recommend?
Any ideas, experiences, plans shared are very much appreciated.


Dear People, I noticed that I

Dear People,

I noticed that I made some mistakes in the dates for the Celebration of Youth Information Day
Vukovar - on 16th (Friday) - Fair and Debate - Museum and Birth House of Lavoslav Ruzicka
Osijek - on 17th (Saturday) - Fair - Esseker Business Centre in Osijek
- on 20th (Tuesday) - Debate - Place: Regional Info-centre for youth in Osijek

You are all very welcomed!!!
See you and Happy Youth Information Day for all of you and your beneficiaries!!!

Conference "Importance of Structured Youth Information", MNE

Hello dear people!

I would like to inform you shortly about YID in Montenegro.
As you know, we are organizing the conference on importance of structured YI. And it is in two days, on Friday.
We have registered participants from NGOs, municipalitis, institutions... 60 people in all, plus media.
Topics on agenda: YI-definition and importance, YI in Europe, YI in Montenegro

Working groups: Conditions and resources for YI development, model and structures, quality.

We have support of ERYICA - Davide and Association of YI centers Croatia - Sasa and Zoran.

On Saturday, the broadcast on one TV - topic - YID, conference youth information

I will come back with the story after the conference.

Good luck with all the event around the Europe. It is a good feeling!

EYID in The Netherlands

1. Launch of our new national youth information site

2. National gathering of youth information workers

3. Like every year a small give away for all youth information workers with the ERYICA logo on it (this year a three colour marker)

4. publishing of Principles for Online Youth Information in Dutch on a poster.

Youth Information day

I would like to be in Osijek for this or an other occasion agian... :)
In Flanders, m organisation - In Petto - will oganise a "Young advisors meeting" in the week-end of the 17-18th of April.... Young advisors are a kind of peer-to -peer volluntary workers form the age of 15-17. wic want to assist their peers in a bette way. Their trainings are organised at the regional/local level, but In Petto trai the trainers and organises intervision sessions and extra training; On top, on demand of the young volunteers, we oranise an anual meeting week-end. There we offer work)shops, both on content telsated issues as on fun/animation. I n Petto is expecting about 120 young advisors and 12 facilitators for the week-end.

Youth Information Day in Vukovar and Osijek - welcome!!!

Dear friends and colleagues from all over the Europe, this year we are preparing very live and pretty huge events in Vukovar and Osijek, aiming to celebrate Youth Information Day in our youth information centers.

This year, the events will be fully prepared and implemented by members of advisory boards that are existing in each of our youth information center. These teams are consisted of representatives of different stakeholders from our local and regional communities (police department, voluntary centers, social welfare office, youth NGOs, town halls, etc.).

They are preparing huge fairs to promote and present various services and possibilities for young people in East Croatian region. The events will be organized in representative buildings in city centers of Vukovar and Osijek, where fluctuation of people on regular daily base is great (one is Museum and The Birth House of Lavoslav Ružička (the famous Nobel Laureate from Vukovar) in Vukovar, and another is Business Centre "Esseker" in Osijek. This year we decided to put accent on cooperation with business and public sector, aiming on huge level of youth unemployment and necessity and important role of public institutions in taking care for young people.

The organizational teams have chosen Friday in Vukovar and Friday and Saturday in Osijek, for the organization of the events.

In Osijek, behind the fair we shall have evening program on first day of Youth Information Day Celebration, in the Regional Youth Information Center Osijek, in the form of video-projections, art exhibitions, etc., on different but for young people relevant and actual topics.

On second day of program in Osijek, the public debate will be organized to create opportunity for different youngsters and services for youth to discuss relevant issues.

The place where additional activities will be prepared is Regional Youth Information Center Osijek, that is 10 seconds walk from the place where Fair is going to be organized.

Both fairs will include youth activities, cultural programs done by young people, as well as promotional activities of various services important for the benefit of youngsters. Of course, the accent is put on youth information work and youth information possibilities.

We expect thausands of young people, but also others to participate.

Whole events will be fully supported by local, regional and national media and we shall also have live-reportage from the fairs in both cities.

You are very welcomed to join us in Vukovar on April the 17th and in Osijek on April the 18th and 19th. Wish us luck!

We did some nice events in

We did some nice events in previous year/s in our centres. It was presented also in public, so everyone could get clue about. We did some grafiti workshop on this topic, public debates with youngsters from secondary school and representatives of local authorities and local institutions. And in the Centre in Osijek we organized several events to inform youngsters about rights and possibilities in the centre but also outside in community. We shared some experiences from abroad, involving volunteers and persons who wanted to present different experiences from outside of country. Maybe a festival would be great idea. Music, culture and art are always appropriate method to celebrate such important days. Good luck and let us know about it. I'll add some of our plans for this year in more detailed version.

EYID updates from Finland

Our national poster for European Youth Information is soon ready. We are still waiting for the EYID logo from ERYICA to add it to the poster, after that printing.
Today one our our regional services which told about their idea to have the opening of one new information point at the EYID, great isn´t it. They told also that the regional Europe Direct - Europe Information will be involved to their activities.


Don't worry, the logo is on its way and we bet you'll like it ;)

EYID 2009 in the Czech republic

Hello everyone!

Last year we organized meeting with our main partners - and with people we would like to have as a partners.
As in 2009 the EYID was on Friday (and it is not very good day for evening activity :-) we have decided to invite those people for a brunch. Big brunch with lot of tasty food and hot drinks. During the brunch we presented our activities and we made new contacts and friends.
I have to say that it was very sucessful - every one enjoyed it and we are going to make another one this year. Not just in case of EYID :-)

EYID in the Czech republic

Hello Hello!

I just wanted to react on Julie...This year we made (same as last year) brunch for partners! We also had an Open day for public, we made workshops in our Mixer room (programs to edit movies and mix music), we have had a live DJ music in our YIC, we also installed program to take pictures with different backgrounds (like on the beach, on the moon...) and we printed pictures for people to take with them home. Also there was a competition on creating a poster with the topic of Youth information. During the brunch we have annonced the winner and hand over the prize which was the bus ticket for 2 people to one of the choosen EU destination. yes...I hope I mentioned everything:-)

EYID in Finland

Europeaan Youth Information Day (EYID) has been celebrated in Finland also two times. First and second year we have prodiced a poster, and for year 2010 we just started to design a new poster with the same visual look as other printed materials we have produced for next year promotion.

The main idea has been to promoto youth infomation in different ways. On national elvel we have always published a press release, including the most important news and numbers from the report of previous year.

We have also provided as national body to all local services a press release to be sent to their local newspapers and other media. This has been a very succesful.

Most of the local services have also organised somekind of event during the week, so not only 17th of April, but the whole week is full of activities.

One very good activity was two years ago when one of the local centres invited all school classes to visit their centre during the EYID week. It was not only a visit, maaybe more like a active workshop for one hour. So active participation.

Looking forward to read more about local activities from SHERYICA :)

YI Party in Xarxa Infojove (Balearic Islands)

Hi Alex!
We have celebrated 17-4 for the last two years:
During the day all YI centres of the Balearic Net (Xarxa Infojove) we publicitate the Eryica charter. Also we celebrate the anual Assembly of the Balearic YI workers Association.

At night we organise a party for youth people with pop concerts of local groups and also we gave the diplomas of the yi course that finishes at the end of March.

Greetings from Palma de Mallorca


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