Material from YI Centres for "World Café" in Helsinki

Dear colleagues,

our Youth Information Centre "Kompassi" in Helsinki, Finland is functioning as a "world café" throughout the youngster's summer holiday this year.

We will be moving into a Youth Centre in which fleamarkets, band nights, gaming events and such will be held for the kids. We will be a part of the café and since it is the holiday, we want to bring an international feel to our decoration. Hopefully we will also set up a webcam connection to other YI Centres in Europe (I may come back later with a specific proposal, if you are interested in participating) and have maybe weekly continent-themes or such during the summer.

Now, the reason I'm telling you all this is that I'm asking for bits and pieces of material from other cities and countries, if possible. We would like to decorate the café with original metro maps or schedules, guides, flyers or maps of cities, any kind of traveling or cultural information. Also, if you have your own flyers with your information, it would be cool to have some.

Obviously we could get most of this stuff from the internet, but we want to create an authentic atmosphere and for that we need concrete, authentic things. The idea is not to make this costly for anyone, so only if you feel you want to participate and have any kind of free material at your grasp, we would be very greatful to receive some.

...and hopefully have other kind of international connections this summer! :)

Thank you!

Youth Information Centre Kompassi
PL 5007
Malminkatu 28
00100 Helsinki


Thank you!

The summer period in the Youth Centre is over and our world café is closed for now.

I would like to personally thank everyone who took the time to put together some things and send them over to Finland - we received lots of very interesting materials and information, and also some fun giveaways :)

Thank you soooooo much! Looking forward to collaborating with you again in the near future :)


Hi Tiia!
Today I sent you some materials from Austria, I hope it´s useful for you.
Best wishes!
aha - Tipps & Infos für junge Leute

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