Searching for organisations with a quality mark for information products

In my search for a quality label for youth information products, I found some examples of quality labels for youth information, advice, counselling and support. This is a quality mark for the services organisations are giving.

In 2012 VIP Jeugd would like to launch a quality mark specifically for youth information products (=the websites, brochures, …) and not really for the service. With this Quality mark we would like to make clear to children and young people : “this is a quality information product ; you can use this information, it’s reliable, objectif and correct.

We would like to make a quality checklist or procedure very specifically for Information products, because that is our main focus.

Can anyone tell me if this kind of quality label or quality checklist has already been launched in another country?

Thank you!
VIP Jeugd - Belgium


Quality label

We do use a kind of quality label for brochures. It is a kind of checklist to determine whterther or not a borchure is reliable, correct and objectif. But for websites I don't know a quality label or checklist. So certainly a very good idea to develop one!

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