Hi colleagues,

For some time Twitter has become a key platform for achieving high information content and dissemination of news.

And I think that both the Youth Information professionals and Youth Workers, are increasingly using Twitter.

SHERYICA have an account on Twitter:
And ERYICA also:

But these Twitter accounts are not updated properly since 2009. However, both SHERYICA website, such as ERYICA if they upgrade their information content. It is a pity that you can not use the Twitter platform to leverage its distribution.

I therefore propose to those who are responsible for these accounts on Twitter, using a simple application called "TWITTERFEED"

Twitterfeed settings is very easy and fast. You just have to include the URL of the RSS feed (RSS feed URL) for web site and the respective Twiitter account. This system can be organized so that data updates to be performed at specific periods. And the importance of this tool is that she is responsible for removing the title of each story and add a URL automatically reduced by the use of ", including shortening systems available. It also allows tracking the number of times a link has been made to each of the news, from the respective account on Twitter.

This tool can also perform the inclusion of the news headlines on a Facebook page (By contrast, this system does not work with a Facebook profile).

As if that is your interest, you can see the potential of Twitter with other free applications.
For example, the following link:
accessing a Journal on Youth (The Juventud Daily), which shows the latest news provided by some 163 people or organizations that I have assigned my own list of Twitter. The Juventud Daily - Journal on Youth -, made two editions each day. Brings news and blogs whose originals are in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

If you need any help, I am at your disposal.


Gabriel Navarro


Regarding Twitterfeed

Dear Imre,

I beg you to forgive me for not having seen your comment earlier.

Normally, Twitterfeed requested in Step 2 of its own the Authenticated Facebook Account of SHERYICA's FB page.Providing this data, there should be no problem to activate this service.

However, you may be interested in the application you make better use of "RSS Graffiti"
This app allows you to organize well the procedures for loading data from Web SHERYICA to FB page.

I hope that this tool is useful for your purposes.

Best regards

Gabriel Navarro

Dear Gabriel, Thank you for

Dear Gabriel,

Thank you for this precious feedback! The twitterfeed is now active on the SHEryica Twitter account (, hopefully making that platform alive again.

However, I could not activate it on the SHEryica Facebook fan page. Could you help me with that?



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