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It is always useful to see some really nice websites and to get inspiration for our own website. As we know we work with really specific target group that needs to be attracted by design and many various effects. Also we work with a huge amount of information so it is also important to have a well-aranged menu, system and structure. There is also need of interactivity, creativity and so on. This is a place to share websites which you find to be inspirational or you think that it has nice design for youngsters or really well-aranged menu etc.



You might have noticed our constant references to our project at the conference ;) We're really proud of it!

Young people are involved in designing and developing our websites and information at every level and are active participants in creating content http://www.cliconline.co.uk/

We are currently reviewing, rewriting and redeveloping our information section to include more multi-media content and to recategorize some subjects. We are going to coincide our relaunch of the section with ERYICA's campaign on youth information as a tool for young people accessing their rights.

I hope you find it interesting - if you have any feedback or questions about the CLIC network of websites, please get in touch.

Safety tips


this is not so much inspiring but more useful - Safety tips:

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