What inspires you in youth information work?

Good morning to you all from Finland

The National Coordination Centre of Youth Information is organising the national seminar for Finnish Youth Information Network 6-7 October in city of Oulu, Finland. As one activity we wanted to open a discussion in SHEryica to discuss, exchange ideas and involve also people from whole ERYICA network.

For us it would be interesting to know what inspires you in youth information work? What makes your working day interesting? When do you feel most happy in your work? Which moment has been the best one during your youth information work career?

It would be really nice to read your comments, even short ones, during the next days when we have our national seminar going on here in city of Oulu.

Best greetings, Jaana, Mika, Heidi, Merja-Maaria and Pirjo from the nation coordination centre in Finland.

Short summary in Finnish to our network:
Osallistu keskusteluun: Mikä inspiroi sinua nuorten tieto- ja neuvontatyössä? Mikä tekee työpäivästäsi mielenkiintoisen? Milloin olet onnellisin työssäsi? Mikä on ollut paras hetki nuorten tieto- ja neuvontatyössä urallasi?



Hello from southern Spain.
Young also reported to work. Just wanted to congratulate you for your work.
Here in Andalusia, we will have the 1st and 2nd of December a meeting which will bring together youth reports and information from the province of Cadiz. Climb some pictures for us to know each other.
We're starting in the networking and would like to share experiences with you.

A greeting


Thanks for the seminar ;)

My inspirations: Enthusiastic work mates, team work, new ideas and when adults listen to young people. For example this one day in our youth center our cultural manager and boys were planning the new skate park together! I say that is close-range democracy at its best!

What inspires me?

Well, I started this discussion, so I wanted also after our National Youth Inforation Seminar to reply myself to my question.
Wonderful people who works in youth information branch inpires me. I have to say that with out the great network we have here in Finland working with Youth Information inspires me and gives me a good reason to work with national development.
A big thank you and a lot of energy in Youth Information Work, MIKA :)

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