Youth Maps of YI Services in a City

Dear friends,

I would be happy if you share with me some links, interesting examples of youth maps with YI services.
We are doing a project "Youth map of Podgorica from the Corner of Youth." Young people will spot youth information services in Podgorica and I would like to show them some examples of yours. So, share with us whatever you find interesting and useful.

Thank you in advance!!!



city map

Hi Dragana,

With In Petto we recently developed - on demand of special youth care institlutions - in the city of Leuven a "social city map". The idea is to prepare young people who - by circonstances- are on there own and have to live on their own legs. A lot of those youngsters can't make it and return to social help. The maps shows them places, organisations and shops who might help them to "survive" , like second hand shop, social restaurant, interim bureau (temporally labour),... The map is connected with a website who shows the outsite of the locations, but you can also vitually enter them to see what they are doing and what's there for them. I hope to demonstrate this at the GA in April.


online map

Dear Lisi,

Thank you very much too.
For now we are planning an online youth map, after the first step of the youth visits and survey in the city.
Yes, all examples online and copies are useful for us, so that we could plan future steps.

Thank you all again!


Salzburg EXTRAordinary / Vienna Young & Clever

Dear Dragana,

Are you planning an online or a printed city map?

The Youth Information Centres of Salzburg and Vienna (probably the two most touristic cities in Austria) have some examples of printed city maps or similar material for young people:

Salzburg EXTRAordinary is a Salzburg city map and pocket guide for young tourists and exchange students published by Akzente Jugendinfo Salzburg. It offers information on must-sees, secret corners and special events and hotspots plus information on discounts and other useful tips for young people.

Vienna Young & Clever is a Vienna guide for young people put together by wienXtra-jugendinfo. It's available in German and English and gives information on sightseeing, culture, eating out, nightlife etc. plus also special tips "off the beaten track". Besides the print version you can also download it as a pdf-file:

In cooperation with a Viennese highschool wienXtra-jugendinfo also published vienna 4u which is a "real" city map with extra tips for nightlife, shopping, dining etc. chosen by the youngsters themselves.

For online maps I can so far only offer an example of the integration of a Google Map with all the Austrian YICs into the Infomobil site:

I hope these examples are useful for you - I will take a copy of each of the examples to the post office next week and send them to you, ok?

Have a nice weekend!

Youth city map

Thank you, thank you!!!

city map

Dear Charlotte,
hope you're doing fine! I'm great, very busy but great!

on our web site of Youth info-center Vukovar ( you can see the example of city map for young people, which is in use on-line at the moment. This is the smallest version of this map, but the real one (much larger and with much more details) will be soon on-line - we need more space for it!
Hope it can help you in creation of your ideas.

Information on city maps

Dear Dragana,

I have seen a nice digital city map for children. Please click the link and the blue words on the left side of the page and you'll see a detailled map of the city Potsdam with several interesting points for children.

Best wishes from Germany,

Information on Maps

Hello Dragana,

We saw your post on Sheryica, and wanted to inform you of what we do at the Centre Information Jeunes in Luxembourg.

First of all, we have had a Google Map integrated to our site for a while now, showing youth centers in and around Luxembourg: . Last summer, we introduced a detailed map of our special offers for young people that have a European Youth Card: . And we are now integrating the same tool to the point of references from our info-booklets, so that youngsters that for example read up on "family-support" ( can find our information in the PDF and find the further contact details of the PDF on the Google-map.

We have simplified the administration system for the addresses so as to allow a student or intern to research and input the geographical data, and we use geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude, altitude) rather than the automatic recognition of Google for addresses, to ensure the locations are as accurate as possible. The ease of use allows us to regularly check accuracy of the data.

And with all that information readily available, we have integrated it to Augmented Reality applications such as WikiTude and Layar. I will see what I can do so as to send you a video of those programs in action. But until then, you can find further information on Both programs are free of charge (for the organisation and the youngster), you only need to setup the data in a specific format, and whenever you update the file, it updates automatically on all sites you connect it to. The result has had some very positive feedback as youngsters can walk through the city, hold up their smartphone, and see information inside the screen on special offers, important information, distances to organisations they want to visit and their phonenumbers, and all sorts of other information.

We also have had a paper cityplan for a number of years, showing a select amount of youth information and a number of references on the map, and through advertising on the cityplan, we are able to distribute it free of charge. If you want, I can mail you a copy?

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call me!


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