Margarida Saco

national coordinator

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1957
Studies: Social Work (Lisbon, 1979) and Social and Economic Sciences (Paris, 1989).
1980 – 1982: Technical Director of an Institution supporting the elderly
1982 – 1986: Coordinator of the international secretariat of International Youth Organisation;
1986 – 1988: French/Portuguese teacher in secondary schools
1988 – 1997: Social Worker in Education services of Town Hall (Oeiras - Portugal)
1998 – 2007: worked in IPJ – Information and Programmes Departments
2007 – 2008: Social worker in Professional school for young people in difficulties
2009 – 2010: worked in the Commission on Citizenship and Gender Equality, Domestic Violence Service.
Since beginning of 2011, in IPDJ, working in Information, Communication and International Relations Department as national coordinator of Youth Information Points and Youth Information Helpline as well as different other European projects.
Since 1995, I have been responsible for several training sessions on different issues, like: Peace Education, Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue, Nonviolence, Communication skills, Youth Programmes, Domestic Violence, International Cooperation, Human Rights, Hate Speech online, Digital Citizenship.