Miloš Blagojević
Secretary General

Milos Blagojevic was born on February 6, 1985 in Banja Luka, where he finished elementary school and high school. Expected time of finishing studies on Banja Luka College and getting diploma (240 ECTS) Bachelor of Information Technology is end of 2017.
Youth leader, educator, trainer and facilitator for programs of personal, organizational and civil society development. He has extensive experience in the design, organization and management of human resources gained through years of experience in student and youth organizations.
During previous engagement was a member of the Assembly of the Youth Council of Banja Luka, a member of the Assembly of the Student Union of the Republic of Srpska, he served as President of the Commission for International Cooperation in the Student Parliament Banja Luka, as president of AEGEE Banja Luka - European Students forum Banja Luka and is currently Secretary General of the Council of youth organizations Banja Luka.
In Youth Council of the Republic of Srpska he got involved in 2009, where he was elected member of the Assembly. From November 2011 to July 2013 he served as Secretary General, from July 2013 to May 2016 he served as President, and in May 2016 was agein elected as Secretary General of the Youth Council of the Republic of Srpska. Also, now he is member of Advisory board on Youth of Republic of Srpske from 2014, and he was member of Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from September 2015 to Februar 2017.
He has extensive experience in organizing and conducting workshops and training seminars in the area of "soft skills" (team work, communication, public speaking, presentation skills, information and participation of young people, youth policy, the basics of writing projects, information technology, etc.).
Specific areas of activity and interest: information communication technology, youth policy, politics, informal education, youth information and participation, human resources, fundraising, project management, etc.
He is fluent in English language (B2 level), a passive knowledge of German (B1 level).
He is married, and he has two children.