1st National Youth Conference

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Country: Cyprus
Organisation: Youth Board of Cyprus
Dates: 26th May 2015
Number of participants: 200
Youth Information tool: thematic workshops


According to its founding law 33(I)/94 and 151(I)/2007, the Youth Board is responsible to advice, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministerial Council of Cyprus regarding the development of an inclusive and specialized youth policy which promotes:

(a) The progress and well-being of all young people in Cyprus, irrespectively of religion or ethnic origin,
(b) The provision of opportunities to all young people and their organizations in order to be able to participate and resume responsibility in the social, economic and cultural development of their community and of Cyprus in general,
(c) Young people’s creative engagement and entertainment,
(d) The provision of immediate and effective solutions to current youth problems.

Having recognized the lack of a cohesive national youth strategy, the Youth Board of Cyprus decided to proceed with a number of actions aiming to form a suggestion for the enactment of a national youth strategy.

The national youth strategy will provide the broad framework, which will define the general vision in the field of youth and which will pursue the institutionalization of a holistic, cross-sectoral and interministerial approach for the empowerment of young people in Cyprus, their personal development and active citizenship, following the recommendations of the Council of the European Union . This institutionalized framework will act as a connector of all state initiatives and actions in the field of youth while at the same time, common goals and principles will result from it.

Among the actions taken by the Youth Board of Cyprus to introduce this strategy, a thematic conference was organized, during which experts on youth issues and representative of European and International Institutions informed participants about the latest developments in the field of youth, and more specifically on about the development of a national youth strategy. The Conference was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, who also gave a speech at the official opening ceremony. Besides the President of the Republic, the Minister of Education and Culture, the President of the Youth Board of Cyprus and the President of the Parliamentary Committee of Education delivered speeches during the opening session. The key-note speaker was Ms. Anje Rothemund, Head of Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

The Youth Board’s primary goal to achieve youth participation in the development and implementation of this youth strategy was fully accomplished, as young people from different age and social groups participated in the Conference. They were given the opportunity to directly express their views and opinions through specialized workshops that took place during the second half of the Conference.

The Youth Board succeeded in bringing together young people from different age groups, geographical and social backgrounds, who were given the chance to express their views and opinions about this new youth strategy and what it should convey.

The thematic workshops covered the following topics, which in essence follow the European example and apply the recommendations of the Council of the European Union:

1. Education and Training
2. Employment and Entrepreneurship
3. Health and Well-being
4. Participation
5. Volunteerism
6. Social Inclusion
7. Youth and the World
8. Creativity and Culture

The topics of the 8 workshops correspond to the 8 field of action that this new cross-sectoral youth policy will cover.

The Youth Board of Cyprus is now heading towards the realization of the 2nd Youth Conference on November 16th, 2016 which will be held at the European University of Cyprus in Nicosia and which will bring together again young people from all over the country to express and discuss ideas for a better Cyprus.

The outcomes of the 8 workshops were summed up and written down as recommendations in an official report which was submitted to the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Costas Kadis who is the responsible Minister for youth issues. These recommendations are now being taken into consideration by the Youth Board of Cyprus in the process of composing a new youth strategy in Cyprus.

For more information (contact person, e-mail and/or website):
Contact Person: Elena Kalli, Youth Officer,
Email: ekalli@onek.org.cy,
tel +35722402602
Website: www.onek.org.cy


1st National Youth Conference
1st National Youth Conference
1st National Youth Conference
1st National Youth Conference