Call for Partners,KA2 Project, 1 July 2016

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GSM-Youth Services Centre is going to apply for KA2 project for the deadline 1st July 2016.
We are looking for 4 partners from program countries who would like to be part of it.

Learn and Teach Platform (LTP):

Learn and Teach Platform (LTP) is based on Life Long Learning understanding and prepared by e-learning approach. Basic idea is to establish a website which targets mainly young people who would like to share, teach any of their skills that could interest other young people. Young people will produce learning materials by using visual tools such as videos, slayts,cartoons etc. to let other young people learn new skills, abilities or even hobbies. The materials will be uploaded to the platform and each uploader or user will have a profile with the spesific statistics such as “how many users viewed the owner materials, how many like or dislike he took for his materials etc. The platform will be prepared as a interactive websites that the “learner” could reach to the “teacher” by using private chat feature and ask for more details about the concerned lessons.

The platform could be used also a promotion tool for the NGO’s to disseminate some skills about the NGO fields such as PCM, working with disabled people, funding, lobbying, advocacy etc. Important point is, learning materials should be prepared as a “lesson” by using visual tools.

Which “lessons” could be prepared and uploaded to the site?
So far it has no limit. Here is some topics could be interesting to prepare a learning materials by using visual tools and attract more people to the platform.
- Food recipe?
- Make your own video games?
- Make your own cartoons by using 3D programs
- How to become juggler?
- Recycling to make your own souvenier
- Basic reparation for simple electrical,wooden, home tools
- How to make wooden toys
- Basics on PCM (project cycling managment)
- What is youth work
- Basic language skills (French, German etc)
- Sign language
- ..........
The list could be longer depending on the young peoples skills and abilities that they would like to teach to others.

This is basic idea of the project, it is expected that each partner will identify at least 10 young people who would like to be part of the platform during the project and asist them to prepare their materials.
- Each partner organizations is going to organize a promotional meeting with the target group to deliver the expected outcomes from young people.
- Each partner organization should attend to the training program on “E-learning, safety and quality issues for digital world”
- We will have 3 transnational meeting

So, if you would like to be part of this project, please send us the 2 documents (Mandate and Partner Identification Form) on attach latest on 27 June 2016.