Handbook on youth information and counselling published in Finland

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Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling (Koordinaatti) has published a book about youth information and counselling. Previous Finnish publication is from 2003. The new 270 page publication is a handbook and tool especially for youth information, counselling and guidance workers in Finland and a textbook for institutions that educate youth workers. Handbook is also a good source of information for organisations that are establishing new youth information services. It gives evidence-based information on why youth information services are needed.

The book is also a celebration for 10 years of national development of youth information in Finland. Koordinaatti was established in 2006.

The publication consists of articles that have multisectoral aspects. They are written by 18 experts from many different areas ‒ outside youth information as well. The articles give many insights and viewpoints for workers, stakeholders and decision-makers to consider while planning or implementing services for young people. The content gives an overall picture of services provided for young people and the different service environments in Finland. The publication is a good tool for those who are planning or developing their services or a youth information project. European point of view and history of the services are also presented.

The handbook was produced in cooperation with Humak University of Applied Sciences and it was financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. Two ERYICA’s publications were also used as a source and material: Compendium on National Youth Information and Counselling Structures & Quality Management in Youth Information and Counselling.

E-book version and pdf can be downloaded at www.koordinaatti.fi/julkaisut. The publication is in Finnish.

The book includes 8 different sections:
1. Supporting the growth of a young person
2. Viewpoints for goals and development of youth information
3. Practices and experiences
4. Evaluation of youth information
5. The basics of youth information and counselling
6. Exercises
7. Writers
8. Annexes

The title "Koordinaatit nuorten tieto- ja neuvontatyöhön - Suuntaviivoja ammatilliseen osaamiseen" translated in English is "Coordinates to youth information and counselling - Guidelines for professional skills and compentencies"


Handbook on youth information and counselling published in Finland




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