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Info zone on radio is the name of radio show completely produced by employers and volunteers of Info zone (youth organisation) engaged in the Youth information and counselling program.
Info zone on radio was broadcasted for more than 8 years on public radio station (Radio Split) as one hour format show and was result of continuous cooperation between professionals (main editor, technicians and journalists from mainstream media) and Youth information workers. Since October 2016. Info zone on radio is part of the programe of the local community radio station Sunce (every Tuesday, 30 minutes length).

Why radio show?
Info zone is active in the field of Youth information since 2008. Beside providing face to face Youth information and organizing public events (inside and outside of the space of YIC) Info zone uses different media tools to spread quality Youth information and promote youth activism and participation (web portal, YouTube channel with audio and video materials, Facebook page, printed magazine, radio show). Radio show in particular enables us to secure space for the topics which are not regular inside mainstream media scene, to inform both young people and other citizens about potentials, needs and problems of youth, to promote different programs and opportunities by and for youth and to monitor activities of all stakeholders active in the field of youth empowerment. Also, the radio show has important role in networking activities of Info zone together with the promotion of all services provided by the organisation.

In one year we produce around 40 radio shows. Inside one year we host around 100 young people and representatives of Youth organisations and institutions active in the field of Youth. Main topics covered by the radio shows are Youth information, Youth activism and Youth participation, quality leisure time of Youth and promotion of the mobility programs. The team in charge for production is consisted of approximately 6 persons (two professional Youth information workers and the rest are volunteers). The volunteers are in charge for creating shorter reports and questionnaires together with the work of editing recorded materials. More than 100 hours of voluntary work is invested in production of the show per year and all volunteers are supported by specific education and mentorship from professionals.

The concept
Each show is created in the way to have one main topic (with guest(s) in studio or by phone) and 2-3 shorter reports (announcements of interesting events by and/or for youth which will happen in next few days, reports from such events, poll on certain topic important for the quality of life of youth, opportunities for young people to participate in the activities inside the programs of mobility and non-formal education).

Radio is still interesting tool for dissemination of the information, despite the fact that were fears it will be „forgotten“ by the new generations or changed with online tools in particular. The combination of „conservative“ production (live broadcast) and support of online tools (web portal, social network tools and online storage of the produced material- podcast channel) can still be attractive form of Youth information work and great support in networking (establishing new and strengthening already created partnership) with the actors in the field of Youth and therefore we recommend it to all Youth information workers and their organisations, specially when they want to reach young people in rural and other areas with obstacles to participate in activities organised inside Youth information centres.


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