Liaisons - Manual for the prevention of youth violent extremism through youth information

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Published by ERYICA, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, and with the support of the Bureau International Jeunesse (Belgium), the manual is available from today in French. Liaisons is currently being translated to English and will be available in early 2018.

Hardback and digital copy
- An analysis of the violent radicalisation process;
- The role of Youth Information in the prevention of violent extremism;
- A tool box: More than 50 activities for youth workers, youth information workers, educators and youth organisations.

Due to their daily work with young people, youth workers and youth organisations are often the first to identify the risks and warning signs that young people may be at risk of violent extremism. The manual 'Liaisons' will contribute to equipping those in contact with a young public with the necessary skills to help young people build up their resistance and critical thinking skills, so as not to become attracted by extremist ideas and groups.

A theoretical part
The first part of the manual allows the reader to understand the mechanisms and the reasons behind violent extremism. It aims to define the role of youth information and youth work in the prevention of radicalisation leading to violence.

A practical part
The tool box is a collection of activities that have been selected due to their relevance and their capacity to have a positive impact on young people. The user will find learning objectives, practical information (target group, material, group size), a detailed description of how to carry out the activity, as well as advice, in each activity. Although the different activities have been selected in a logical order to fit with the different chapters, it is not necessary to follow the activities in the order that they come in the manual. Each activity stands alone and can be carried out independently from the others, and there is no need for preliminary training - Liaisons is ready to use!

With this manual, ERYICA and our French-speaking members (CIDJ France, CIJ Luxembourg, CIDJ Belgium et Inforjeunes Brussels) emphasise the importance of the mission of Youth Information in preventing and countering the evolution of the youth violent extremism phenomenon.

Any organisation interested in translating the manual into another language can contact the ERYICA secretariat using the contact details below.

Date of publication: 15 December 2017
Number of pages: 240
Editor: ERYICA
How to get a copy :
Contact : All correspondance concerning this publication should be addressed to:
ERYICA, the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency
87 Route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg