More than 300 Youth Information Centers will work together in Youth Guarantee in Spain

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More than a hundred centers and youth information services are incorporated into the SIJ + Youth Guarantee project. These centers join the nearly 200 youth information services that are already working with the Institute of Youth, Injuve, in this project, informing young people of the advantages of this European initiative and helping in the registration process by generating an activation code at the center itself.

On this website you can consult the directory of centers and youth information services (SIJ) that having shown interest in participating in this second phase have been admitted, according to criteria of territorial representation and youth population. Thus, the youth guarantee comes even closer to their recipients.

In recent weeks, the ténicos youth of the new centers have participated in various training activities that have been carried out in different cities.

Since this project was launched, the Youth Information Services of REDSIJ have helped more than 15,000 young people to enroll in Youth Guarantee. From the Injuve we appreciate the interest of all of them, with the conviction that collaboration from the field of youth in this task is a good opportunity to give greater scope to the Youth Guarantee and at the same time strengthening the visibility of the services youth information and resources available.

The 'SIJ + Youth Guarantee' project is a collaborative effort of the Institute of Youth (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality) and the Directorate General Self-Employment, Social Economy and Social Responsibility of Companies (Ministry Employment and Social Security). This initiative will also collaborate youth services of the autonomous communities and numerous municipalities.

The National System of Youth Guarantee is intended that children under 30 who do not study or work at present receive training offer, employment or support entrepreneurship as essential ways to tackle the youth unemployment figures in Spain and the European Union.