Position Paper- "Engage. Inform. Empower"

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ERYICA is happy to announce the publication of the position paper “Engage. Inform. Empower.” written in collaboration with our partner networks EYCA (the European Youth Card Association) and Eurodesk.

Earlier this year, our three networks came together, bringing their strong expertise of youth information and youth policy, to share their views on how to make the renewed EU Youth Strategy for 2019 a success. Our networks call for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to youth information and youth mobility as an integrated and overarching aspect of youth policy at local, national and European level.

Our networks believe that young people who are not informed about their rights or who do not know how to make use of them are more vulnerable to suffer from discrimination, intolerance, lack of opportunities and negative influences.

The paper therefore addresses the challenges facing young people, and offers recommendations on how youth information and mobility can help young people make the most of the opportunities and information available to them.

We invite you to disseminate this document among your networks and stakeholders, and to use it at regional and national level to advocate for youth information and mobility.

You can read the publication by clicking on the link below.


Position Paper- "Engage. Inform. Empower"