Ready for Structured Dialogue- example of promotion of SD (Croatia)

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I'm sure that most of Youth Information Workers are aware of process of Structured Dialogue and that at least some of you are active inside the process, on some level (local/national or EU).

Than again, I would like to use this opportunity and to share some material that can help you to promote the process in general but also to help you in preparing the activities in case you would like to join in and to contribute.

Zajednica ICM in Croatia (member of ERYICA) is part of National working group and together with Ministry in charge for Youth, National agency for mobility and EU programs and Croatian Youth Network we try to connect both Young people and Decision makers to discuss the topics which are part of the current cycle.

I'm sharing the example from Croatia- the project called Ready for Structured Dialogue. The project was supported by Erasmus Plus program (KA3) and you can use this line as well.

You will find video which covers the main activity of the project (gathering more than 40 young people, Youth workers and decision makers representatives) and the brochure which can be useful for all of you who want to engage a little bit more inside the process. That s important cause any National working group (NWG) will appreciate the contribution you make to the process, just want to encourage you to contact your NWG to see where is the process at the moment and which topics are to b discussed at the moment.

In any case, you can contact me if you need more info about Structured Dialogue or want to speak about more possibilities throughout new projects.