Recommendations for Peer-to-peer in youth information work: WHAT? WHY? HOW?

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This recommendation paper is a result of the project “Youth.Info: peer-to-peer in the youth information work”, which was funded by the EU programme “Erasmus+”. It is thought to be a resource of ideas and guidelines for improvement of youth information work.

NGO Creativitas with a support of ERYICA has gathered interested youth information organisations from all over Europe to experiment with peer-to-peer metholodogy and while experiencing it to collect practices and recommendations that could be shared with other colleagues.

It addresses all stakeholders involved in the delivery of youth information services: policy makers, youth information workers, volunteers, youth leaders and young people.

This project is special in the sense of equal involvement and partnership of both – youth information workers (peer supporters) and young people/leaders (peer educators). As also in the structure of project: training course, practice period and evaluation of it in the end.

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