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The Viqui Guia Jove is a tool box for youth workers willing to foster and consolidate participation among young people promoting youth. The reading cards tackle different thematic related to youth participation, youth equipment and projects promoting youth. Therefore, the format of the guide is based on a digital platform collaborative editing of documents open to all those wishing to contribute with ideas and useful material, especially for professionals.

Participation, education, inclusion and territory are the four pillars that support the Guide. The content pretend to increase the capacity of the young people to influence and to go deeply into their participation and give it prominence. The educative aspect of the considered interventions with the reading cards pretends also to provide tools contributing to the empowerment of young people as social change agents. Likewise, the address strategy includes young people diversity and the needs to contribute with an inclusive perspective. Finally, it recognises the plurality of the territory and provide resources that can give inspiration according to the different realities of departure

The reading cards that currently can be found are:
The role of promoters

Youth reality

Young people get involved

Diversity of young people

Dialogue with young people

Evaluation of the activity
Planning the activity

Community work


Youth equipment

Equipment management

Young people implication

Educational centres

Public space

ICT as participation mechanism

Conflict management

This Guide can be read following the proposed order or randomly to explore every theme and to surf the net among the reading cards choosing the itinerary. Every reading card is addressed from several initial situations which may respond to the youth professional reality.

The main objectives are:

• To produce a tool for youth professionals including systematically materials and resources for youth promotion
• To promote interaction of knowledge and experiences through a resource, the Guide, to be open, dynamic and flexible


In relation to the openness and the free circulation: the Guide is open to everyone through the platform textbooks; the guide is a collaborative project and community effort where anyone can edit knowledge, adding new content or modifying it becoming thus a tool open, lively and dynamic

In relation to the collaborative methodology: the Guide is a tool that has been promoted by the administration, but has been designed as a process of collective • operation between different professionals who work with young people.
This collaborative process has had a core group composed of experts from around the country. Throughout 2015, several meetings have been made in order to validate the process design and opening of the Guide; make monitoring and participation workshops, to design the script and content, and validate its development and content.

The methodology used in the process of opening consisted in three workshops, where 30 people participated, and they were contributing with different experiences.

Since its launch date, there have been a total of 400 entries, with an average of 37 posts a day and about 4 visits to chapter.


Viqui Guia Jove
Viqui Guia Jove
Viqui Guia Jove
Viqui Guia Jove