Young Actors in Transnational Agoras-publication

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Young Actors in Transnational Agoras-publication

This book is about young people’s political participation in transnational meetings.
Methodologically the study aims to shed light on multi-sited global ethnography. Young people are viewed here as a social age group sensitive to critical, alternative and even radical political participation. The diversity of the young actors and their actions is captured by using several different methods. What is more, the study spurs us coming from the Global North to develop social science research towards methodological cosmopolitanism and to consider our research practices from a moral cosmopolitan perspective.

”In Laine’s study, in the light of the research summary article, doing cosmopolitan policy implies moral and humanistic activities, for example, making both global and local inequalities visible at the same time. It also implies reaching beyond the methodological nationalism, when the research focus is somewhere else than on the traditional national circles and programmes. The presented cases are excellent empirical examples of cosmopolitan micropolitics which is a fascinating, controversial concept that raises novel ideas.”
Päivi Harinen, University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

”The research summary article emphasizes one of the most remarkable achievements of Sofia Laine: she has been able to analyze different kinds of youth political participation in different contexts. She studies with equal attention institutionalized and non-institutionalized forms of political participation, and providing interesting insights for the understanding of both.”
Geoffrey Pleyers, Belgian Foundation for Scientific Research at the University of Louvain (UCL)

Finnish Youth Research Network and Finnish Youth Research Society, publications 121.

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